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Batting Cage

Come hit some dingers and throw some heat in our full-size batting cage. Our tunnel has all the necessary equipment to accommodate all ages of pitchers and hitters. We have mounds for both baseball and softball players as well as an adjustable speed pitching machine. 


The Tunnel


Whether you need to do drills off the tee, a round of soft toss, coach pitch or fire up our professional Hack Attack 3 pitching machine, our cage can accommodate all levels and skill of batters. Both the L screen and pitching machine are user friendly to assist coaches in making their athletes better. 


We have the mounds and the distance to give all pitchers of both baseball and softball the space necessary to work on their craft.  These mounds can be moved anywhere in the tunnel based on the athlete's level. 

Want to reserve a time?

Our batting cage has limited availability throughout the week.

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