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Batting Cage

Come hit some dingers and throw some heat in our full-size batting cage. Our tunnel has all the necessary equipment to accommodate all ages of pitchers and hitters. We have mounds for both baseball and softball players as well as an adjustable speed pitching machine. 

We also have several pitching mounds for pitchers to work on their craft in the off season. The cage is a full 70 feet and can accommodate pitchers of all ages and abilities. 


Hit Trax

We have a state of art software program, Hit Trax, that players can use to improve their hitting, track stats on their hitting, and hit a bomb over a virtual Green Monster with the distance adjusted to the age of the player. 

Player's stats and data are stored in the system so improvements can be recorded and monitored like exit velocity and furthest ball hit. All data and stats can also be emailed to the player to refer to outside of the gym. 

Find Out More

Our batting cage has limited availability throughout the week.

Please fill out the form below for fees and scheduling.

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